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Bible Studies on Mental Attitude
The Key to the Christian Life

“As a man thinks in his mind, so is he.”

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Click on a link below for an in-depth Bible study on the subject.

A Survival Kit for Y2K - This is all you need to survive Y2K or any disaster

The Advantages of Being a Christian

Are You Producing Dead Works?

Are You Ready for Christmas?

As Your God is, So Are You

Can You Distinguish Evil From Sin? - Are war and disease evil? Did God create evil? Third in a Four Part Series

The Christian Attitude About War - What Should a Christian's Attitude be About War?

A Christian's Responsibility to Business

Claiming the Promises of God

Casting Your Cares on Him - Taken from 1 Peter 5:6-8

Didaskalos - Teachers and students. Are you imitating your Teacher?

Divine Guidance - How to know the will of God for your life

Divine Viewpoint – A School of Grace

Do I Worry? - How to overcome worry in your life

Eternal Security

Evil is a Thought Pattern - Is it Yours? - Are you sure you know what evil is?

Faith vs. Unbelief

Fellowship With God

For the Land of the Free - The Ten Commandments of freedom. The Biblical Magna Carta of human freedom.

Gaius, A Prosperous Soul - Principles on Christian prosperity

Get Smart - How to be smart. Three easy steps to intelligence.

How to be a Doer of the Word and Not a Hearer Only - James 1:20-22

How to be Protected From Evil - A Biblical perspective on what evil is and how to avoid it.

It Is Possible - The Banquet of Life - How to have a full life

Know Thyself – What is the Real You?

Life is Not Worth Living - Have circumstances in your life forced you to the point that you feel there is no use in living?

The Lord's Prayer

The Many Facets of the Bible - Why should I be interested in the Bible? 

The Mechanics for Claiming the Promises of God

Mental Disarmament/Mental Illness - Mental attitude in the Christian way of life

My Yoke is Easy - “Come Unto Me All Ye Who Labor”

A Pastor's Theme - The theme of a pastor. It is better to be faithful than famous.

A Pattern for Youth - Based on the Scriptures

Peace in Pain - A study on the suffering of Christ and the sufferings of believers in time.

Religion vs. Christianity - The Pharisee and the Publican - Do you know the difference between Christianity and Religion?

The Rest of War - “The battle is the Lord's.” Based on Asa's prayer and Jehoshaphat's prayer.

A Salvation Test - Are you Heaven bound?

The Sand is Weighty - The weight of sand

The Secret to Success - “Though I give all my goods to feed the poor ... ”

The Silenced Minority - Peer pressure (Nehemiah 5:5)

Sinners are Winners

Smitten in Vain - Earthquakes in California: A force, or a failure, or a faith?

Spiritual Adjustments to Life - Got a problem? Here's how to handle it from the Divine Viewpoint

The Spiritual Side of Warfare - “Sweet and beautiful to die for their native country.”

A Survival Kit for a Nuclear Holocaust - Seven principles for a survival kit for a believer's life

The Third Man Theme - The Third Person of the Trinity - An in-dept study on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and biblical spirituality

Thou Shalt Not Murder - What are the worst sins?

Theodore Roosevelt - The Importance of the Family and the Responsibility of the Man and the Woman in the United States

A Survival Kit for the Year 2000

Thinking Things

The Tillage of the Poor: The Responsibility of Small Gifts - Taken from Proverbs 13:23

Trouble - Hello Trouble!

The True Philosophy of Love

Unbelieving Belief

The Way of the Lord - Which side are you on?

What Believers Need - Feeling blue? Check out this brief study that will chase the blues away.

What Does Evil Do? - It rationalizes, it assassinates, it is self-destructive ... - Third in a Four Part Series

What Does God Say About Capital Punishment (and Rainbows) - Taken from Genesis 9

What I Think of Me and What God Thinks of Me - Taken from Proverbs 16:2

What is Negative Volition? - Are you negative to the Word of God? Eight easy ways to find out.

What is Pseudo-Spirituality? - A great look to see if the activities you're involved in really are making you spiritual and “counting for God.”

What is the Real Issue? What Must I Do to be Saved? What is Human Good?

When Will the Nuclear Disaster Happen? - Will you be able to see it? How can you prepare for it? Also covers Satan's strategy, dispensations, creation, the Flood, civilizations, the ultimate Source of destruction, resurrection bodies, judgment, angelic conflict, application of the Word of God to your experience, claiming Promises, why God destroys the universe and human good, how to be shockproof, plus other topics, too.

Where Do You Work Out?

Where Does Evil Come From? - Sincere do-gooders practice evil. What's your price? First in a Four Part Series

Why are There Disasters? - Why does God allow disasters to happen?

Why Believers Suffer

Why do Christians Sin? - and The Solution to Christian's Sin

Why Psychology Has Failed – You Are Complete in Him

A Witness in the White House - A must read! Theodore Roosevelt applied his Christianity unlike any President and truly was a Witness in the White House

“The Wizard of Uz” - Taken from the Book of Job

You Never Walk Alone 

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