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Miscellaneous Bible Studies

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Click on a link below for an in-depth Bible study on the subject.

America's Peace With Russia??? - Why are we making peace with Russia? What do they know about peace?

The Arab Personality - A Study on the Personalities of the Mid-East Crisis

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Balaam's Talking Donkey - Spiritual principles we can learn from a donkey

The Bible and Roman Catholicism  - an in-depth comparison of the Catholic Church's traditions and the Bible

Capital Punishment in the New Testament - Is Jesus Christ in favor of the death penalty?

Chariots of Fire - Home James and Don't Spare the Horses - The use of chariots in the Bible

Christian Astrology - Find out the real origins of the signs of the Zodiac

The Christian Attitude About War - What Should a Christian's Attitude be About War?

The Church and the Tribulation - Principles on why the Church will not go through the Tribulation

The Cult of Religion and the Christ of Christianity - Why I am a Christian and not a Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, or Christian Scientist

Divine Viewpoint and the World's Hunger Program - How Divine Viewpoint solves the world's hunger problems

The Final Message of the Old Testament - Why was God silent for 400 years?

A Glutton, a Winebibber, a Friend - Friends of Christ

God's Norms and Standards - KATA

Happy New Year ... - Pick your lot!

Hautey the Hero and Columbus the Heretic - Why Columbus did not discover America

Have You Met My Priest? - What is your priest like? Get to know your priest - we all have one!

The Hebrew Alphabet and the Meaning of the Letters

If God Granted You One Wish

If You Were God, Would You Beat Your Son?

Isaiah's Christmas - Merry Christmas from Isaiah

Jewish Feasts – Biblical Timetable - Was the crucifixion of Christ really on “Good Friday?”

Joseph's Christmas - What did Joseph want to do when he found out Mary was pregnant? How do we know that Joseph and Mary had other children?

The Many Facets of the Bible - Why should I be interested in the Bible? 

The Mind, Hand, Mouth of Christianity

A Pastor's Theme - The theme of a pastor. It is better to be faithful than famous

A Pattern for Youth - Based on the Scriptures

Patton's Speech to the Third Army - July 13, 1945

Promises for Prisoners of War

Promises for Warfare

Red Lights Beyond the Purple Veil - Brothels, Bulls, and Bodies

The Rest of War - “The battle is the Lord's.” Based on Asa's prayer and Jehoshaphat's prayer.

A Salvation Test - Are you Heaven bound?

The Sand is Weighty - The weight of sand

The Spiritual Side of Warfare - “Sweet and beautiful to die for their native country.”

What Does God Say About Capital Punishment (and Rainbows) - Taken from Genesis 9

When Will the Nuclear Disaster Happen? - Will you be able to see it? How can you prepare for it? Also covers Satan's strategy, dispensations, creation, the Flood, civilizations, the ultimate Source of destruction, resurrection bodies, judgment, angelic conflict, application of the Word of God to your experience, claiming Promises, why God destroys the universe and human good, how to be shockproof, plus other topics, too.

Why the Pope Came to America

Will This be the Day of Your Salvation?

A Witness in the White House - A must read! Theodore Roosevelt applied his Christianity unlike any President and truly was a Witness in the White House

“The Wizard of Uz” - Taken from the Book of Job

The Word in the World - The benefits of the Word of God in our world today

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